Our Story

City Perks has been a unique group passion-project, built by and for a variety of professionals from the ground up; By entrusting different areas to different aficionados, and bringing in close family and friends, we’ve built a sturdy foundation of people who truly care about what they do.


Michael Cox & Karen Wright-Cox

Married Owners of Stogies Cigars, and City Perks Coffee for over a decade. Together they built this Fort Alley location from the ground up, to curate a more robust store for cafe lovers and cigar connoisseurs alike.

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Nick Gatta

General Manager, Nick has been the driving force in assuring City Perks becomes a memorable, cafe staple in the local community.

Joseph Weaver

Purchasing Manager for both Stogies Smoke Shop located at 6 St. George Street, Ste. 105 and Stogies Cigars at Fort Alley located at 15 St. George Street.  Joseph has been with Stogies for four years and is a true aficionado with more cigar knowledge than his number of years should allow.  Having smoked every cigar that Stogies stocks, he can certainly direct you to several “Stogies” that will ultimately become some your favorites.