The Benefits of Hemp Milk

The benefits of hemp milk

What is Hemp Milk?

In a world of endless alternative milks, a new player has arrived on the scene: Hemp milk. With an earthy, nutty flavor and creamy consistency, many are swapping out cow’s milk for hemp in their smoothies, cereal and—you guessed it—coffee.

Created by blending water with the seeds of cannabis sativa, questions are naturally raised when it comes to hemp milk. Rest assured, we are here to break down the question marks surrounding this milk alternative. Perfectly safe to consume, hemp milk is an excellent source of vitamins, does not cause mind-altering effects like marijuana and is widely available in grocery stores nation-wide. We are excited to bring hemp milk to the St. Augustine coffee scene.


Nutrition of Hemp Milk

hemp milk nutrition

With more protein and healthy fats than other plant-based milk like rice and almond milk, hemp milk is a prime contender for your morning latte. In fact, one cup of unsweetened hemp milk contains approximately:

  • 83 calories

  • 1.3 grams of carbs

  • 4.7 grams of protein

  • 7.3 grams of fat

For reference, that’s less calories and carbs than cow’s milk. Though it’s important to note, it also is less protein and roughly the same amount of fat. However, most of the fat is unsaturated essential fatty acids, including omega-6 and omega-3. These two omega stars are essential for building new tissue and membranes in your body.

Additionally, hemp milk is one of the few plant-based proteins that contains all of the essential amino acids that humans need from food, making it a complete protein. Since amino acids are the buildling blocks of protein, this means protein provided by hemp milk is easy for your body to digest and use.

Finally, hemp milk is naturally free of soy, lactose and gluten, making it a good option for people who need or want to avoid these components. Hemp milk is also often boosted with calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B12 and D.


Benefits of Hemp Milk

benefits of hemp milk

As previously mentioned, hemp milk is a complete protein packed with vitamins and compatible with almost any diet. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Here are just a few ways switching to hemp milk can benefit you.

Skin Care

With an abundance of vitamin E and vitamin A in each serving, hemp milk improves skin health by reducing the amount of oxidative stress. Too much stress can lead to wrinkles, inflammation and other signs of aging.

Hemp also contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in an ideal ratio of 2:1 and 3:1. Getting the perfect ratio of fatty acids from food can boost your skin’s immune response to inflammation and aging.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Hemp milk contains antioxidants that help your body flush out harmful free radicals. Free radicals have been proven to be a significant cause of aging, cancer and other illnesses. Hemp milk will boost your immune system to help combat disease and sickness.

Heart Health

Hemp milk boasts a healthy dose of amino acid arginine, which helps your body create nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels to maintain a health blood pressure. Consuming enough arginine can also the levels of inflammatory C-reactive proteins in your blood. High levels of CRP are associated with higher chance of heart disease.


Try Hemp Milk Today in St. Augustine

Now you’ve read all about it, it’s time to give hemp milk a taste! Since offering this tasty milk alternative in our store, we have gained quite a fan following of hemp lattes. In fact, some of our customers will order a glass of hemp milk straight up! With all the good flavor and health benefits, it’s not hard to see why. Stop by our location right across from the Castillo de San Marcos today to experience what happens when hemp milk meets your morning coffee.